Welcome to VIP Fishing Expeditions! If you want to catch the world's largest freshwater fish - you are at the right address. With VIP Fishing Expeditions you can catch all of the species of Giant Freshwater Fish in the World, some of which you may not even have known about. Our expedition leader is renowned angler Jakub Vagner ("Fish Warrior"), and he will guarantee you the best chance to catch the largest freshwater fish in the world. Are you ready for catching giants of more than 100 kgs...


The largest freshwater fish in the world - we call them the Freshwater Giants !! Pirarucu, Piraiba, Goliath Tigerfish... we have them all !! More than twenty species of freshwater fish on our planet weighing more than 100kgs (220lbs) and attaining lengths of 2mtrs (6 1/2ft).

VIP Fishing are the only fishing outfitters who specialise in these fish, and accompanied by Jakub Vagner, renowned angler of "The Fish Warrior" series on National Geographic TV, we will make your dreams come true !!



Jakub is up for a new series. Take a look at



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Jakub in Hollywood

Jakub visits Hollywood.

01 8月 2010 Hits:330296 News

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The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Jakub Vagner appears on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

31 7月 2010 Hits:335474 News

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Fish Warrior

Fish Warrior

Jakub Vagner is currently working on a new series for The National Geographic Channel.

11 7月 2010 Hits:340591 News

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arapaima-big Arapaima Gigas
Location: Amazonia
mahseer-big Golden Mahseer
Location: India
tygr-big Goliath Tigerfish
Location: Congo
pamba-big Pamba
Location: Congo, Tanzania
goonch-big Goonch
Location: India
rejnok-big Giant Stingray
Location: Cambodia, Thailand
sumec-big Wels Catfish
Location: Russia, Kazakhstan
nil-big Nile Perch
Location: Ethiopia
piraiba-big Piraiba
Location: Amazonia
tajmen-big Taimen
Location: Mongolia

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